Norifumi Hida

The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University; Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music, Japan

Norifumi Hida, MFA (East 15, Essex),  PhD (Warwick) is an Assistant Professor at the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University in Japan. He conducts research on theatre for young audiences, youth theatre, as well as drama and theatre education. While organising various exhibitions, symposia, and events at the Theatre Museum, he teaches theatre history, theatre theory, drama and theatre education, applied theatre, and EFL (English as a foreign language) and JSL (Japanese as a second language) through drama and theatre at different universities. He is on the Editorial Board of ‘ArtsPraxis’ at New York University in the U.S.A; and the Board Member of MIRAI Festival (2020 International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young People in Japan / The 20th ASSITEJ World Congress).