Tom Maguire

Ulster University, Ireland

Dr Thomas Maguire – Head of School of Arts and Humanities. (Photo: Nigel McDowell/Ulster University)

Tom Maguire is Head of the School of Arts & Humanities at Ulster University, Northern Ireland. He teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and supervises research students in Drama and in Museums and Cultural Heritages. His own research engages with the relationships between performance, identity, place and power particularly in Britain and Ireland. He has published widely in the fields of Irish theatre and Scottish theatre, as well as in the areas of Theatre for Young Audiences and Storytelling Performance. He co-edited with Karian Schuitema Theatre for Young Audiences: A Critical Handbook in 2012. He has also undertaken a number of heritage research projects.

He serves on the Peer Review College of the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council and on the Editorial Board for About Performance. He is Chair of the Board of Big Telly Theatre Company, Northern Ireland. 

Website: @TomMaguire1965