*Invitation for proposals of participants in the Forum of the International Festival of Children’s Theater in Subotica, 2021.



(19th – 24th September 2021.)

Dear theatre experts!

It is our pleasure to inform you that International Festival of Children’s Theatres Subotica (Serbia), in co-operation with the Theatre Museum of Vojvodina from Novi Sad (Serbia), is organizing an INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH COLLEGE OF THEATRE ARTS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE conference for the twelfth time.


Theatre research, in the practical domain as well as the domain of theory, is of crucial value for the development of theatre. Theatre festivals are places where it is possible to see all the progress that has been made in a short period of time in one place, as well as the segment in which that progress was made. The effect of practical research in the domain of theatre, as well as the effect of theoretical research on the direction and content of practical reach are of great importance for understanding the phenomenon of theatre.

International children’s theatre festival in Subotica is a place where, from both perspectives, theoretical and practical, knowledge from different areas meet and exchange in festival days. That value of the festival will be approved this year again, on 28th International festival of children’s theatres Subotica, where the Forum will be organized. The Forum will have 

two topics which are important for the development of children and youth theatre. The first topic will be scientific, and the second one will be in the form of a debate. 

Participants can decide which section they want to contribute to, and submit their written proposals (up to 500 words). Proposals must be submitted by April 15, 2021.

1.      Reception of ethical categories and evaluation in children and youth theatre

Children and youth theatre has a significant role in every persons process of growing up. Also, education process is unthinkable without the elements of theatre and theatrical techniques. For the theatre to be a follower of the youth growing up, it has a task to inspire the youth and to search for the appropriate reception of important aesthetical categories in order to be completely clearly presented to young audience, without any doubt about what’s right, what’s noble and what’s not worth their attention. From the choice of literature which will be on the repertoire to the way in which the theatre play will be realized, and the use of all the theatrical element in scenic language, to critics which publicly evaluates the whole act, that entire journey is very important and it is desirable that it’s clearly seen and understood. Therefore, the reception, or the estimation and evaluation of the theatrical act in all its elements, is important for those who are a part of the act of creating the repertoire and the theatrical play, but also for those who note the final theatrical meeting of the play and the audience, and finally for the media who give space for this kind of evaluation.

Possible frames and topics:

    • Aesthetical categories and the phenomenon of theatre

    • Topic choice in the children and youth theater 

    • Specifics of scenic language in expression if aesthetical categories 

    • Analysis and evaluation of a theatrical act 

    • Critique in children and youth theatre

    • Media space for evaluation of theatrical plays for children and youth

2.     Festivals for children and youth – perception and selection 

Childrens festivals all around the world are spiritual receptacles for the youngest audience, in the world which they would want to hug with all their heart. With that kind of feelings, the youngest audience takes part in the theatrical act itself, but also for the older audience which are able to find answers to many questions which they don’t admit that they want to know the answers to, and don’t ask out loud. In those situations, the inspiration which young people get in theater follows them their entire life, sometimes it even helps them make important decisions. From that point of view, the responsibility of childrens theatre and the festivals as a “wind rose” of everything that’s chosen to be shown to young audience in one place, is huge in the choice itself: what will be offered to a child’s attention, to inspire the child and to show it the world as it is, or as it could be. Therefore, children and youth festivals are important places on the cultural map of the world, as well as the world map of arts, because choices that are bing made there become unforgettable for the young people in the audience. 

Possible frames and topics:

    • Importance of children and youth festivals 

    • Diversity of content at children and youth festivals

    • Criteria for theatrical play selection for festivals 

    • Presence of children and youth festivals in the process of a generation growing up 

    • Support of the whole collective in the realization of children and youth festival

    • Challenges of children and youth festivals in XXI century 

    • Space for realization of contents of children and youth theater 

    • Children and youth festivals and the awakening of conscience about the importance of ecology

    • Technology and children and youth festivals 

    • The media and children and youth festivals 

PhD Marijana Prpa Fink

We have the honor to invite you to contribute by your presence and participation to success of this meeting which is going to be held within the framework of the 28th International Children’s Theatre Festival in Subotica, Serbia, over two or three days between 19 – 24 September 2021.

Sessions will be held in Serbian and English with simultaneous interpretation provided.

Papers presented during the conference will be published in full as a collection of papers, bilingually, in Serbian and in English language.

The authors whose proposals are accepted will be expected to submit their full papers (2000-4000 words) in English or in Serbian by 31st January 2022.

Please send your proposals to the following address: lutfestsubotica@gmail.com <http://lutfestsubotica@gmail.com>&nbsp; or by regular mail to:


International Festival of Children’s Theatre in Subotica 




Contact person: Zrnic Eva – coordinator of festival programs

Participants in the conference (chosen to present their papers) will be guests of the 28th International Festival of Children’s Theatre in Subotica in September 2021. The organizer will provide transportation from the airport to Subotica and back (for those arriving by plane), free entrance to all Festival events, and cover accommodation costs for the duration of the conference (hotel, full board).

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Festival Head Office