Call For Papers: Routledge Companion on Theatre and Young People

Call for Papers:

This Companion seeks to interrogate the often overlooked/neglected relationship between theatre and young people.  Rather than focusing on a particular practice within youth theatre or theatre for young audiences, the intention of this volume is to engage in conceptual breadth, examining four interrelated contexts:

  • Making theatre with young people
  • Making theatre for young people
  • Representations of youth in theatre
  • Representations of youth by young people in theatre.

This volume is unique in the way it brings together fields of study not usually considered under the same umbrella:  Mainstream theatre productions that depict youth to their audience, seeking to understand the process and impact of such representations of youth; Young people making theatre and depicting youth in ways that are meaningful to them and allowing them to express their ideas about youth to audiences; the making of theatre for young people, for a variety of educative, entertainment, and socio-political purposes; and participatory theatre practices with and for young people more generally, in which young people make and perform theatre for multiple purposes and audiences.

The editors are seeking contributions to this volume that provide critical, research-informed and research-based discussions on the intersection between young people, their representation, and their participation in theatre.  The volume will be international in its scope and readership and the discussions should reflect this global perspective. Authors in this Companion should be working in the disciplines of performance studies, theatre studies, applied theatre and drama education.  The volume will present a diversity of practices and perspectives, while engaging in deep analysis of the relationship between young people and theatre.

The editors welcome abstracts for review from both established and emerging scholars.  Abstracts should be approximately 200 words and give an indication of the focus and research, and any theoretical lens or critical framework for the discussion.  Abstracts should also indicate which of the four contexts (listed above) the chapter fits most appropriately under. For the purposes of this book, youth /young people are between the ages of 11-24.

Abstracts will be reviewed, and final chapters chosen based on both the relevance to the volume, international representation, and distribution amongst the four contexts listed above.  A brief 100 biography should accompany the abstract.

Final chapters should be 5500 – 8500 words, including references.

Estimated timeline:

Abstract due March 15, 2020

Authors notified March 23, 2020

Final proposal submitted to Routledge April 1, 2020

Potential contract May 2020

Chapters due to Editors 30 Jan 2021

Chapters returned for redrafting 30 May 2021

Final chapters due 30 June 2021

Manuscript to Routledge 30 July 2021

In production editing Oct – November2021

Abstracts to be sent to

Selina Busby:

Kelly Freebody:

Charlene Rajendran: