Abstracts: ITYARN March 22-23, 2021

Beginning the Journey: Legacy and Innovation in TYA

Plenary Panel Abstracts

Queer Penguins and Beginning the Journey to Equality, Tom Maguire (Ulster, Northern Ireland)

Developing an Identity through TYA in Japan: What does it mean to be Japanese in the 21st Century? Norifumi Hida (Waseda University, Japan)

Youth←→Mental Health←→Performance: How Young People Respond to Portrayals of Mental Health, Resilience and Well-Being in and Through Drama and Performance Creation, Monica Prendergast (University of Victoria, Canada)

Panel A: Theatre for Young Audiences in Japan

Panel B: Theatre for Early Years

Panel C: Inclusivity and TYA

Working Group A: TYA and Activism

Pamela A. Udoka, Adebayo O. Adejumo, Helen O. Osinowo, Peter O. Famakinde, Adedeji A. Odusanya & Abosede M. Akinpade: The Prospects of Drama Therapy as a Strategic Tool in the Rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Children and Adolescents, in Guruku Camp, Nigeria 

Working Group B: TYA and (Post)Performances

Working Group C: TYA and Landscapes