Beginning the Journey: Legacy and Innovation in TYA–ITYARN Conference March 22 – 23, 2021


Schedule of ITYARN Events March 22, 23, 2021

March 22: Welcome, Keynote, Working Groups

Welcome and Keynote

TIME: GMT 11:00 

BST(+1) 12:00

CAT (+2) 13:00

EST (-4) 07:00

JST (+9) 20:00

Welcome: Manon van de Water, Chair ITYARN  (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Facilitator: Tom Maguire (Ulster University, Northern Ireland)

Keynote: Making It Happen – Inclusive Theatre in Practice and Its Impacts

Kaori Nakayama (Theatre Planning Network / Toho Gakuen Junior College of Drama and Music, Japan)

WORKING GROUPS Participants will share and read papers/presentations beforehand and discuss, led by ITYARN Board member facilitator.

Working Group A: TYA and Activism

Facilitator: Heather Fitzsimmons Frey (MacEwan University, Canada).

TIME: GMT 15:00 

BST(+1) 16:00

CAT (+2) 17:00

EST (-4)  11:00

JST (+9) 00:00

New Horizons: The Journey to Utopia as seen in Edward Bond’s plays for young people.

Selina Busby (National Teaching Fellow, UK)

Journeys without Destinations and the Concept of Endurance

Lorenzo Garcia (University of North Texas, USA)                  

Welcome to the “CHICKS* palace!”: A Model of Queerfeminist Work in the Context of Theatre Pedagogy”

Laura Kallenbach (University of Hildesheim, Germany)

Boal for the Very Young

Molly Mattaini (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Confronting the Work: Radical Youth Amateurism as Contemporary Political Resistance  

Mary McAvoy (Arizona State University, USA)

Rhetorics of Natality in the Public Sphere: Greta Thunberg and the Performance of Activism

Erika Hughes, University of Portsmouth, UK

The Prospects of Drama Therapy as a Strategic Tool in the Rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Children and Adolescents, in Guruku Camp, Nigeria

Pamela A. Udoka, Adebayo O. Adejumo, Helen O. Osinowo, Peter O. Famakinde, Adedeji A. Odusanya & Abosede M. Akinpade, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Working Group B: TYA and (Post)Performances

Facilitator: Merete Elnan (University of Agder, Norway)

Time:  GMT 16:00 

BST(+1) 17:00

CAT (+2) 18:00

EST (-4)  12:00

JST (+9) 01:00

Planetarium – Journey of Sound and Perception

Marijana Prpa Fink (University of Novi Sad, Serbia)

Toward an Alimentary Spectatorship: Representation, Participation, Ethics, and the Proximal Senses in Theatre for Young Audiences

Kristin Hunt (Arizona State University, USA)

Radical Theatricalities to Diverse Early Childhoods

Viviane Juguero, Brazil (University of Stavanger, Norway)

New Wave of Theatre Pedagogy in Russia: Understanding a Show with «Socio-playing Educational Style»

Kolesnikova Anastasia (Saratov Academic Kiselev Youth Theatre/Saratov State University, Russia)

Planting Seeds-A Moment in time. Contemporary African Storytelling Theatre. Via a

Theatre for Young Audiences Performance as a Springboard for Drama in Schools

Heidi Schoenenberger (National University of Ireland, Ireland)

TYA between Innovation and Transformation. Artists as Change Agents for a Sustainable Future?

Julia Dina Hesse (ASSITEJ Germany, Germany)

Working Group C: TYA and Landscapes 

 Faciliator: Tom Maguire (Ulster University, Northern Ireland)

TIME:  GMT 15:00 

BST(+1) 16:00

CAT (+2) 17:00

EST (-4)  11:00

JST (+9) 00:00

Toward a 100-year Agenda in Theatre for Young Audiences

Stephani Etheridge Woodson (Arizona State University, USA)

Toward the unknown: Building a university-professional TYA partnership

Elizabeth Brendel Horn (University of Central Florida, USA)

Perception and Performativity in Theatre for Young Audience in the Age of Technological Change

Ilze Klavina (Latvia)

Creating Young Audiences – Vision & Mission or Wishful Thinking Case study: Belgrade Theater System 

Ksenija Markovic Bozovic (Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Serbia) & Diana Krzanic Tepavac (ASSITEJ Serbia, Serbia)

Materiality and Ideology in Contemporary US TYA Practice

Matt Omasta & Aubrey Felty (Utah State University, USA)

 Towards an Understanding of the Creative Generation in the Theatre World

Jeff M. Poulin (Creative Generation, USA)

Looking to the Living Past, Present and Future of Professional TYA in Canada

Nathan Pronyshyn (University of Calgary, Canada)

Beginning the Journey: Legacy and Innovation in TYA: Theatre for children and youth in Georgia; XXI century – challenges and problems

Ana Mirianashvili (Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film Georgian State University, Georgia)

Theatre for Young Audiences in India: Genesis and Evolving Perspectives

Malvika Singh (Ambedkar University amd ANANT, India)

Leokadia Serafinowicz & Jan Dorman – Parents of Polish TYA

Agata Drwiega (Poland)

March 23: Plenary Panel and Panel Presentations

PLENARY PANEL: Identity and Theatre for Young Audiences

Facilitator: Ha Young Hwang (Korea National University of the Arts)

TIME: GMT 08:00 

BST(+1) 09:00

CAT (+2) 10:00

EST (-4)  04:00

JST (+9) 17:00

Queer Penguins and Beginning the Journey to Equality

Tom Maguire (Ulster University, Northern Ireland)

Developing an Identity through TYA in Japan: What does it mean to be Japanese in the 21st Century?

Norifumi Hida (Waseda University, Japan).

Youth←→Mental Health←→Performance: How Young People Respond to Portrayals of Mental Health, Resilience and Well-Being in and Through Drama and Performance Creation

Monica Prendergast (University of Victoria, Canada)

Panel A: Theatre for Young Audiences in Japan

Facilitator: Kentaro Miyamoro (ASSITEJ Japan Centre , Japan)

TIME:  GMT 11:00 

BST(+1) 12:00

CAT (+2) 13:00

EST (-4)  07:00

JST (+9) 20:00

Producing Opportunities of Theatre for Young Audiences at Schools in Tsukuba City, Japan

Yoko Akamatsu (Tsukuba Kodomo Gekijo, Japan)

“Dramaturgy of Things” in Theatre for Early Years

Taichi Nishina (Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan)

Flying Stage for Children and their Parents: How did Japanese child audiences and their    parents react to a theatrical performance about sexual minority children?

Norifumi Hida (Waseda University, Japan)

Panel B: Theatre for the Early Years

Facilitator: Tom Maguire (Ulster University, UK)

TIME: GMT 18:00 

BST(+1) 19:00

CAT (+2) 20:00

EST (-4)  14:00

JST (+9) 03:00

Play-Full Dramaturgy: Theatrical Co-Inquiry with Early Years Audiences

Robyn Ayles and Heather Fitzsimmons Frey (MacEwan University, Canada)

Towards a Dramaturgy of Sympoietic Worlding

Lise Hovik (Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, Norway)

Can Theatre for the Very Young Dare to Talk About Prejudice and Inclusion?

Gillian McNally & Amanda Rutter (University of Northern Colorado, USA)

Panel C: Inclusivity and TYA

Facilitator: Manon van de Water (Chair ITYARN , University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Time:  GMT 16:00 

BST(+1) 17:00

CAT (+2) 18:00

EST (-4)  12:00

JST (+9) 01:00

Experts of Their Own Experience: Inclusive Participation and the Legacy of Geesche Wartemann

Claire Mason (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Building Opportunities for Profound Participation and Playful Co-operation in Interactive Dance Theatre for Diverse Young Audiences

Jennifer Essex (Teesside University, UK)

A Critical Analysis of the Aesthetic Language of Theatre for Audiences with Complex Needs

Margot-Marie Wood (Cape Peninsula University of Technology/ Storywood Theatre Productions, South Africa)