Geesche Wartemann


Geesche Wartemann (1966 – 2019) has a PhD in performance studies and is Professor for Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) at the University of Hildesheim since Oktober 2011. As professor for theatre/drama she worked at the Norwegian University of Agder 2009 – 2011. She teaches courses in the theory and practice of theatre for young audiences. Her research focuses on aesthetics, concepts of audience education, and processes of participation in contemporary TYA. Board member (since 2006) and Chair (since 2014) of the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network (ITYARN). She has published on processes of interaction between actors and audiences in TYA and theatre with non professional actors.


Wartemann, G., Saglam, T., McAvoy, M., eds.,  2015. Youth and Performance. Perceptions of the Contemporary Child. Medien und Theater 13, Hildesheim, Zürich, New York: Georg Olms Verlag.