Yvette Hardie

Yvette HardieYVETTE HARDIE is a theatre director, producer, and educator active in the world of theatre and performance, with a focus on children and youth. She initiated the launch of ASSITEJ SA (the national centre of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) in 2007, and leads the organisation as Director. She is currently serving her second term as President of the international ASSITEJ and sits on the board of ITYARN and of Global Arts Corps. She has written and spoken extensively on issues relating to arts for young audiences, arts education and arts for reconciliation and conflict resolution around the globe. She is valued for her work in Arts Education, having written national curricula and textbooks for both Dramatic and Creative Arts. Yvette is a certified teacher of the Lessac technique of voice and body training, and was Head of Drama at the National School of the Arts. She has an MA in Theatre Practice from Tshwane University of Technology.



Hardie, Y., 2009. Von südafrikanischer Apartheiderfahrung erzählt. In: IXYPSILONZETT. Das Magazin für Kinder und Jugendtheater Vol. 1, 2009. ASSITEJ Germany, Frankfurt a. M. (article originally in English)


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